‘Difficult circumstances’ at Midnight Sky

Leader staff

The campground formerly known as ‘Mosquito Lake,’ in Hondo, is in the news lately, due to its owner John de Ruiter being charged in Edmonton with sexual assault. On Jan. 25, The Leader received the following statement from Midnight Sky, as it is now called.
“Mr. de Ruiter purchased the property now known as Midnight Sky in the Smith area as an outdoor venue for events.
“The Midnight Sky team recognizes and values the business and personal relationships established in the area. The current circumstances are difficult and weigh heavily on all concerned.
“The matter will be processed through the courts where all evidence will be viewed and weighed. According to the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, people are innocent until proven otherwise. Mr de Ruiter intends to vigorously contest the charges.
“Regarding the area of Fort Assiniboine, some people have relocated to participate in the rural lifestyle and economy there, while The College of Integrated Philosophy has no events planned to take place in the area.”

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One thought on “‘Difficult circumstances’ at Midnight Sky

  1. I suggest all your citizens do their homework and read up on the life of John deRuiter. Information is power. Do not wait 2 years for this to rear it’s ugly head in the courts. Make your decisions now and protect your community. I was unable to protect my family.


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