Disposable gloves more than a litter problem

Chris Clegg
For the Lakeside Leader

You can’t miss them; they seem to be all over the place.

People are discarding their disposable gloves and leaving them in parking lots and on streets all over town.

Town of High Prairie peace office Alan Bloom says it is an issue in town. People are not only leaving gloves on the streets and sidewalks but masks.

If caught, a littering charge may be laid.

Under the Town of High Prairie bylaw, the fine for a first crime is $100, second crime $200 and third fine $400.

Bloom says his department is patrolling the parking lots at Freson Bros. and High Prairie Super A, where most of the disposals are occurring.

The trash not only presents an unsightly problem, but also one that can be a big headache for public works staff. Gloves and masks can potentially clog drainage pipes, says CAO Brian Martinson.

“Rubber gloves and the industrial paper towel that some people discard through the sewer system gets caught up in the impellers in the pumps that pushes sewer waste to the next lift station and then to the lagoon,” he says.

“Once the pumps get plugged it is quite time-consuming to pull the pump from the bottom of the lift station, remove the glove/paper towel, replace the impellers and then put everything back together,” he adds.

By properly disposing of your gloves and masks, you not only keep the town neater but save public works crews a lot of time and effort.

A disposable glove disposed on a Slave Lake sidewalk

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