Distractions looking for a new owner

Callie Hermanson
Lakeside Leader

Kimberly Hughes and Bonnie Anderson are looking for prospective buyers to take over their store Distractions, located at 110-1104 Main Street Southwest Slave Lake.

The two purchased the store seven years ago, but worked in the store for almost 12 years.

Hughes and Anderson are taking a break from the workforce to take care of their babies. Anderson has a three and a half-month-old grandson and Hughes a two- and-a-half-month old daughter.

Anderson says there have been a few inquiries, but nothing is concrete yet. She says she wants to portray the store as a turnkey, ready-made business.

“Great little independent store someone can come in and make their own,” says Hughes.

“Bittersweet because [the store] has been our baby since we had babies,” says Anderson.

Distractions has been open since 2002, making it 16 years old.

The pair saysthey are both willing to work with someone who has never done retail before.

Hughes says her and Anderson have the ‘ins’ and that they would be willing do retail training to make a buyer more comfortable. She saysthe store would be great to run as a partnership effort, such as a mother-daughter situation or a sisters partnership.

New competition

Anderson does not think there will any competition with the addition of Jax N’ Monica’s Boutique opening in town. She explains how brands they carry are tried and true and not mass-produced.

Every store in Slave Lake offers something different, says Hughes.
The ladies do not have a specific end date in mind for when they want to be out of the store, Right now they are just looking for the right buyer.

They have also not discussed what would happen if no one wanted to purchase the business because the two just want to keep a positive mind.

Exterior of Distractions clothing store at their location for the past three years, on Main Street in Slave Lake.

Kimberly Hughes and Bonnie Anderson, owners of Distractions store.

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