Doctor’s wife starts medical aesthetic business

Pearl Lorentzen
Lakeside Leader

Most people in Slave Lake know Abeer Razak as a doctor’s wife and a mother. However, she’s much more than that and has started her own business in Slave Lake.

Razak, her husband, Dr. Fouad Majeed, and their kids moved to Slave Lake in 2017, after spending a bit of time in Edmonton.

Razak and her husband are Pakistani. She was born and raised in Saudi Arabia. However, became a dentist in Pakistan. While at university, she met her husband. They moved back to Saudi Arabia and worked in their respective fields. When the family decided to move to Canada in 2016, Dr. Majeed’s credentials crossed over, but Razak’s didn’t.

Razak considered retraining in Canada, but would have had to start from scratch. Instead, she decided to pursue her interest in skin care.

If I hadn’t become a dentist, I’d have been a dermatologist, she says.

Razak plans to start an all-natural cosmetics line, but first she decided to get a medical aesthetics diploma. With her dental background, this took her six months in 2022. Without any medical background, the course takes a year.

“I went into medical aesthetics because people want to reverse age,” she says.

People come to her for various reasons she says, “people who want fixes instead of going for botox and stuff. People who are pampering themselves.”

The work she does is between a facial and seeing a dermatologist, she adds.

Sessions are around 90 minutes. These include a medical survey, and treatment based on a person’s skin type and skin needs.

Razak called her business Glow Qlinic because “the glow skin is the trend,” she says. Glowing, shiny skin is the sign of healthy skin, she adds.

Glow Qlinic offers dermaplanning, hydrabrasion, micro current, lymphatic drainage, microchanneling, oxygen facial, light therapy, chemical peel, microneedling, and BB glow.

“Microchanneling is very popular,” says Razak.

Glow Qlinic can be contacted by phone 587-599-8833, email or on TikTok, Facebook, or Instagram.

Abeer Razak runs a medical aesthetic clinic in Slave Lake called Glow Qlinic.
Photo courtesy of Abeer Razak.

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