Dog Walk fundraiser

The Animal Rescue Committee (ARC) of Slave Lake held its annual Dog Walk fundraiser on Sunday, May 28. Despite stiff competition from other events that day, there was a good turnout of people (over 80 by one estimate) and a whopping $6,500 raised. The walk started at the new animal shelter building by the airport, ending there with a barbecue. Pictured is the individual participant who raised the most money in the ‘adult’ category, Arlene Gramiak, with her ‘goldendoodle’ dog and her granddaughter. She’s flanked by ARC members Dennise McIntyre (left) and Vanessa Bjornson. And the biggest contributor overall to the fundraiser? That was RBC, with a cool $2,000. The youth with the biggest contribution was Brooke Emes, with $600.

Brooke Emes

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