Dogs let loose at annual Animal Rescue Committee fundraiser

Katrina Owens
Lakeside Leader

Northern Lights Aquatic Centre sure had its hands full on Aug. 27th when it opened the pool up to the pooches of Slave Lake and area.
The event was a fundraiser for the Animal Rescue Committee of Slave Lake (ARC) and raised over $400.
“The donations people gave to take part in the Dog Swim totaled $474.70,” says ARC member Ceiridwen Robbins. “Lorelei and I did keep track of the number of dogs that came as best we could – we tallied 33. We didn’t keep track of the people – but easily over 40 people came.”
Robbins adds, “We really appreciate everyone who came out for the dog swim, and would like to thank the Northern Lights Aquatic Centre staff for offering a dog swim again this year.”

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