Down and out

The old forestry warehouse at Main Street and 6th Ave. NE in Slave Lake is no longer standing. Press Secretary Haley Brown with the Alberta Government said the building is zoned C1 and could no longer be used in its former state, so it was demolished.
Brown said there are no plans for the site but other government ministries will be informed about the space and see if they need or want it. She explained if no one wants it, the site will go into a surplus and go up for sale.

The old Forestry warehouse in Slave Lake got knocked down and hauled away last week. Leader efforts to find out how long it had stood there came up with some estimates, but nothing definite. It was certainly there in the 1960s, and one oldtimer says it was there when he arrived in the community in 1953. The forestry office was in those days across Main St. from the warehouse, and just to the east of it was the airstrip, more or less where the seniors lodge is now.

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