Drainage improvements in Flatbush draw flak

Joe McWilliams
Lakeside Leader

The M.D. of Lesser Slave River has been trying to improve drainage in the hamlet of Flatbush. There has been a negative reaction to some of it, council heard at its Sept. 26 meeting, mainly due to the fact the newly-excavated ditches interfere with parking for events at the seniors’ centre.

M.D. operations direction Bill Klassen, defending the work that is being done, said it follows municipal standards and that “maybe we need to look at parking solutions.”

Reeve Kerik agreed.

“It would be nice to offer an alternative,” he said.

Councillor Robert Esau said most of the ditching work is much appreciated; it’s just that one corner that is causing concern. He said a big floor-curling event is coming up, and parking is needed, now that the ditching has eliminated some of the street parking.

“I’m not saying they did it legal,” he said, referring to the former parking habits. “But it worked.”

There are some options for overflow parking in the area, council heard. The M.D. will look into it.

Bayer Rd. safety
In other news from M.D. council, councillor Brad Pearson brought up a safety concern from people having to turn left off Hwy. 2 onto Bayer Road. There’s a dotted line on that stretch, he said, and people are passing those slowing down to turn left. What’s needed is a double solid line, and it needs to be visible. A turning lane would be nice as well.

“We need to lobby,” he said.

Safety concerns at that intersection are nothing new.

“It was an issue in 1988,” said councillor Becky Peiffer.

Also on Pearson’s mind were the ruts on Hwy. 2 near Assineau.

“Somebody’s going to die there,” he said.

Council resolved to send a letter to Alberta Transportation, expressing the M.D.’s concerns.

Water getting closer
Reeve Kerik had good news out of Westlock County; the county has received funding to extend water service north as far as Fawcett. This has been talked about for years, because when it happens, the possibility of going a bit further north to Flatbush becomes tantalizingly possible.

“It’s getting close!” he said.

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