‘Drive-in’ concert to feature Bamford

Sunset Place, Aug. 22

Joe McWilliams
Lakeside Leader

Canadian country music star Gord Bamford will be lighting it up at Sunset Place in Slave Lake on Aug. 22. That’s the answer to the teaser town councillor Shawn Gramlich dropped at a council meeting a few weeks ago. ‘Something big’ was about all he would say at the time.

On July 28 Gramlich let the cat out of the bag, so to speak. He – or to be more accurate, the Slave Lake Regional Tourism Society – announced Bamford would play a ‘drive-in concert,’ for 170 vehicles at a time.

That’s right; vehicles, not individuals.

“Whatever your car can hold legally, that’s how many people you can bring in,” says Gramlich.

On that basis, the ticket prices of $125 (for the first two rows) and $85 (for rows 3 – 5) sounds like a pretty good deal.

Sunset Place – for those who weren’t around or who may have forgotten – was the name of the emergency trailer park on 6th Ave SW. It’s now just a large gravel pad on your left, across from the Fournier Place subdivision. Gramlich says it’ll be cleaned of weeds in the next while. All the stage set-up is handled by Bamford’s team. He’s got a truck, Gramlich says, that serves the purpose, complete with lighting and sound system.

Providing some background on the event, Gramlich says the tourism society had planned some sort of concert for the end of August. Then COVID hit and the idea was abandoned. Then more recently, Gramlich got the idea of a drive-in concert, after hearing that Brett Kissell had done one and that it worked well. Bamford has since gotten into the act and held a couple, he says.

“It’s been done,” he says. “The system works.”

Part of the reasoning for putting on an event, Gramlich continues, is the fact so much else isn’t happening this summer. No Oilmen’s Golf, no Icebreaker, no Riverboat Daze. The list goes on. So let’s put something on and see how it goes.

“Our theme is ‘Hang in There,’ he says. “It’s going to morph into a yearly campaign,” called ‘Hang Out Here.’

“This is our first kick at the can.”

Two shows are planned for the 22nd, and a third if ticket sales warrant. Gramlich said after four or five hours of being on sale on July 28, 100 had already been sold.

Tickets can be purchased online at gordbamford.com.

Gord Bamford

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