E-cigarettes, gifts and more at new local store ‘Vaporizon’

Katrina Owens
Lakeside Leader

Find yourself hankering for e-cigarette supplies but can’t find any? There’s a new store in Slave Lake that can help with that; its name is Vaporizon and is located in the 6th Street plaza.
“I sell electronic cigarettes and all the jazz that goes along with it,” says store owner Kaylie Boissonneault. “I also sell novelty items, coffee mugs, jewelry, giftware – you name it!”
For those who don’t know, an electronic cigarette is considered a ‘healthier’ option when it comes to smoking. How does it work? A liquid is heated which creates a vapor that the user then inhales; the liquid usually consists of a mixture made up of nicotine, flavourings, propylene glycol and glycerine.
“Not all of them have nicotine in them,” says Boissonneault. “They can go from zero ml to 18 ml – a lot of people use them to help quit smoking.”
The Leader was interested to find out why Boissonneault set up shop in Slave Lake; according to her she saw a need and wanted to fill it.
“I was an e-smoker myself and couldn’t find anything locally,” she says.
“I always had to go to Westlock or order it online. There is absolutely a demand for it and business has been pretty darn steady since I opened on September 16th.”
Boissonneault says this is her first business venture and that she plans to get involved in the community more when she’s settled.
“Before this I cleaned for people and was a stay-at-home mom,” she chuckles. “I haven’t had a day yet that’s been a bust, so I’m pretty happy.”
For more information call 780-805-6567.

Kaylie Boissonneault


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