Ease up on those vax requirements, please

Is there any point in insisting on vaccine requirements for sporting events? The Arctic Winter Games were recently held – successfully and safely as far as we have heard – in Fort McMurray without that impediment. But we’re told the National Aboriginal and Indigenous Games authorities are sticking with a requirement for proof of COVID vax for the big event this summer in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

One person who’s not happy about it is Travis Gladue. He’s a member of the Bigstone Cree Nation who lives in Edmonton. His son James – also a BCN member – is an excellent athlete who qualified for the nationals at the Alberta Indigenous Games last year, winning a slew of medals in track events. He also, Travis tells us, won three more golds at a recent Alberta Indoor Games meet. He’s the real deal – one of the top athletes in his age group in the province. But unless the powers that be at the NAIG lighten up on the vax requirements – as others have – he won’t be attending.

“It’s a real shocker,” says Travis. “It’s not fair.”

Travis is hoping that with about four months to go before the games in Halifax, something may yet change.

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One thought on “Ease up on those vax requirements, please

  1. In my opinion, it’s a disgrace, and since when is our personal Medical Status any business of anyone else? In fact, it is immoral and unconstitutional to ask one of their Medical Status unless it is your Doctor. At this point, or any point, in my opinion, it is 100% virtue signaling. Especially to an athlete who is young and fit. Perhaps the NAIG should be more concerned about their water quality than some ones MRNA Jab. Not to mention, it is a well known fact now, that it doesn’t stop transmission. Thank you Lakeside Leader for pointing out the pointlessness of vaccine requirements. I take my hat off to you….and Mr Travis and James Gladue for speaking out against this obvious and out right discrimination.


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