Eco-radical scheme can’t replace good jobs

To the Editor:

It now appears that the Liberal regime in Ottawa is in the process of forcing our Alberta NDP government to draft up what is called a caribou ‘protection’ plan. With the anti-resource industry attitude in Ottawa, this will be a tragedy for Alberta.

The caribou plan will be used to shut down our oil and timber industry from operating in large parts of northern Alberta. On the pretence of protecting nature’s ‘dog food’ on the hoof, industry will be shut down.

The eco-radical movement will tell you that shutting down industry for ‘environmental’ reasons will not hurt our employment. The eco-radicals will create good-paying green jobs. This is an absolute myth, created by them to try to deceive industry workers as to the coming industry collapse created by the eco-radicals.

These green jobs will be seasonal for the most part, with very few full-time. These green jobs will be all minimum wage, with no real future. Yes, we might have rich foreigners come here to see caribou, but not at -40C in the winter. Our new green workers will hopefully get a trip or two at day’s end before these tourists leave us, to help with their poor wages.

No eco-radical scheme will ever replace the good wages our tradesmen and women earn in our resource industry.

We have a weak government in Edmonton that will not stand up to the federal Liberals on this. So may our Creator in Heaven help us.

Brian Pitcairn
Slave Lake, AB

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