Economy vs. environment

Nobody is proposing any mountaintops be taken off around here to get at the coal or other resources. So we can view what’s happening in southern Alberta from a safe distance.

But what if some big, landscape-altering project were in the works for this area? How would we react then?

Say, for example, somebody wants to take a big chunk out of the Marten Hills, or reduce Flat Top Mountain to about half its current height? Disastrous, right? But think of the economic benefits! Jobs! Contracts!

Or how about something that threatens the health of the lake?

How much would you be willing to put up with for the sake of a boost to the local economy?

The folks over Fort St. John way must be asking themselves this all the time, with that dam on the Peace River inching along, grossly over budget. Similar questions could be asked around here, regarding the pace of logging.

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