EGW students create computer games

Submitted by High Prairie School Division

At E.G. Wahlstrom School in Slave Lake, Class 5D, under the guidance of their teacher Leonard Oliver, has developed a digital arcade. Five years ago, Oliver enrolled in a five-day course provided by The Northern Coding Academy, equipping himself with the knowledge to harness available technologies and bring these valuable resources into his classroom.
Employing a straightforward block programming method, the students have designed their very own video games, compatible with touch screens. Oliver has received an overwhelmingly positive response, highlighting the enthusiasm of both parents and students for the program.
In the previous year, the Northern Coding Academy collaborated with Oliver’s class for a period of five weeks, engaging in the creation of digital games through coding, working with circuit boards, and even delving into the world of animation. This year, students have already launched one game, are on the verge of completing a second, and will soon embark on their journey with circuit boards.
In an exciting development, Oliver acquired a robotic unit known as a Finch this year, which the students will program using code to draw pictures, navigate mazes, and craft intricate designs.

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