Elementary school play a success

Pearl Lorentzen
Lakeside Leader

EG Wahlstrom School teacher and play director Andy Cahill is very pleased with the school’s production of ‘Beauty and the Beast Junior the Musical’

Asked how the play is going he says, “Splendidly! I am over the moon with the performances the kids have turned out. Their hard work and effort have really paid off. I am so proud of them all.”

Grade 4 to 6 students from the school have been practicing since the fall. They performed on May 29 and 30 on the stage in the EGW gym. These photos are from the May 29 performance.

The Beast (right), played by Oliver Fors, started off live as a handsome, but selfish prince. He has just refused to help this sorceress (who until now), played by Issy Vennings, was disguised as an old beggar woman. She cursed him to be a hideous beast. If he doesn’t learn how to love and earn a woman’s love in return by the time the last petal falls from the rose in her hand, he will remain a beast.
Left to right, villagers played by Cassidie Kelly, Stoli Franklin, and McKenna Ghostkeeper watch Norah Miller (Lefou) and Elliott Adkins (Gaston) talk early in the play. Gaston is the bad guy.
Left to right, Ella Whittle (Belle the heroine) and Finn Gatto-Hansen (Maurice, Belle’s father), with his invention before he gets lots in the wood and meets the beast. 
Maurice Belle’s father with the Beast’s servants turned objects (teapot, teacup, clock, candle stick, and duster) just before the Beast imprisons him.
Left to right, Hailee Bolstridge (Mrs. Potts a teapot), Oliver Fors (Beast), Finn Gatton-Hansen (Maurice), Torrin Sinclair (Babette a duster), Carter Garon (Chip a teacup), Emery Adams (Cogsworth a clock), and Harlow Lukan-Kubel.(Lumier a candle stick).
Belle crying after she takes her father’s place as the Beast’s prisoner. Left to right, Ella Whittle (Belle), Oliver Fors (Beast), and Harlow Lukan-Kubel (Lumiere).
Eventually, Belle’s kindness rubs off onto the Beast. He learns to love and earns her love. However, Maurice is in danger, so he lets her go to him. Belle saves Maurice, but ends up having to tell the world about the Beast.
Gaston tries to kill the Beast. When the Beast is dying, Belle kisses him, saving his life, and removing the curse which turned him from a prince into a beast and his staff into household items.

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