Envisioning a downtown facelift

On the beautification front, Slave Lake’s downtown needs work. Town council has acknowledged this and spent some money on a ‘visioning’ exercise. Some money is also earmarked for spiffing up Rennie Hall Plaza (that’s the open area in the middle of downtown, on either side of 3rd Ave. NW, on the west side of the intersection).

When Bill Pearson was mayor of Slave Lake, the plaza and the surrounding brick sidewalks, crosswalks, and elm trees were part of a downtown facelift project. It has stood up pretty well, but 30-years on, is starting to look on the shabby side. Council should put a total re-hab of the downtown sidewalk and crosswalk system somewhere in its 10-year capital plan. The bullet has to be bitten, sooner or later, because the decline isn’t going to stop.

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