Escape from Narnia and Star Trek

Callie Hermanson
Lakeside Leader

The Slave Lake Alliance Church held its fourth annual ‘Escape the Room’ event on April 13 and 14.
Carol Baker with the Alliance Church says back in in December of 2014, after participating in an escape room in Edmonton with her family, she came home thinking she should do something similar in town. “At the time I was thinking of just doing it as an adult fun night or something, but I was telling my coworker about it, and he said, that would make a great fundraiser.”
Baker says this year, and for the last three years, the fundraising has been for the Kiziba Refugee Camp in Rwanda. She says this year the church raised $2,180 and 142 people had registered.
Baker says it just so happened that she was in the process of fundraising for a trip to Rwanda to visit the children that the church sponsor through Food for the Hungry Canada.
“We ran with the idea and did the first ‘Escape the Room’ Slave Lake that spring.”
The first year the Alliance Church did a room called Stuck in Storage. Baker says the name was decided because they were using an actual storage room.
The other room was called WHODAT, because it was focused on the ministries at the church, one of which is WHODAT (We are Helping Others Develop and Thrive), which was the ministry that was organizing the trip to Rwanda.
The second year the church had one room with the theme Good News/Bad News.
It was based on the truth of the resurrection of Jesus and the other room was called Stuck in Poverty.
That room was set up like one of the tiny mud homes she had visited in Rwanda.
The code for escaping was related to factors that helping Participants ‘escape from poverty’.
“Those first two years we only ran the rooms on Saturday, but we more than doubled our registrations the second year,” says Baker.
Last year the church started running the rooms both Friday night and Saturday. The themes were Pokemon Go, because the church is a Pokestop, and Nursery Nightmare, which was in the church nursery room. 
Baker adds registrations went up to over 140 people with the addition of Friday night.
“The themes are fun to think up and as you can tell are sometimes just based on a particular room in the church or other things that are relevant at the time.”
This year the church had a Narnia theme room and a Star Trek Logic room. Baker says the idea came about when she was teaching logic in Sunday school earlier this year.
“We are already starting to think about next year and are considering having it open Thursday night and all day Friday.”

‘Escape the Room’ champions Jenesse Walters, Roxanne Boyer, Kristine Kelham, Cindy Linklater, Stacy Plesuk, and Ben Plesuk. The group beat the Narnia theme room in 20 minutes and 28 seconds with time to spare.

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