Extra siren testing this Thursday

Katrina Owens
Lakeside Leader

This is just a heads-up to community members: there will be a period of siren testing on March 9th that will last longer than usual.
“We do a monthly siren test but this will be the Town’s annual siren test,” says Christopher Brown, Town communications co-ordinator. “It will last about 10 minutes – we’re getting the word out so residents are aware of it happening.”
According to Brown, there will be multiple types of sirens going off, starting at noon.
“First there will be the traditional siren lasting for one minute then the Town chief administrative officer (CAO) Brian Vance, along with the Town project manager will activate another siren which will sound like a louder wail for two minutes,” he says. “After that, a faster wailing siren will be on for two more minutes with a slower one to follow for two minutes and then finishing with the traditional siren for five minutes.”
Some might be asking why the Town is doing this. Brown says it’s part of a federally-mandated emergency awareness program.
“The last two years we’ve held this during emergency preparation awareness week because that’s in the height of our fire season,” he says. “Starting this year and moving forward we will be holding it on the second Thursday of March because of a recommendation from the Town’s CAO.”
To find out more information on the siren testing, visit www.slavelake.ca or call Brown at 780-849-8033.

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