Fall dance and gymnastics up and running; numbers okay

Pearl Lorentzen
Lakeside Leader

Slave Lake has two dance studios, a Ukrainian dance group, and a gymnastics association. These groups are up and running for the fall, with health precautions. Numbers are down a bit, because of COVID, but overall things are going well.

Dance Creations started the second week of September.

“We’re normal (attendance-wise) for children nine and up,” says owner Jennifer Hansen, “but it has decreased for the younger kids.”

Slave Lake Gymnastics Association started its second season in September.

“Our numbers are down a bit,” says association president Tasha Albert, “which we expected.” Registration is still open.

Slave Lake Ukrainian Cultural Association numbers are also down, with room for more dancers.

New this year, Slave Lake Gymnastics has PD Day camps. The first one be September 25.

“We had some requests for it (PD Day camps) last year,” says Albert. However, last year was the group’s first year, so it wasn’t able to offer these day camps.

The camps will include crafts, games, gymnastics, and ninja, which is one of the courses offered by Slave Lake Gymnastics. The camp is limited to 16 kids aged six to 12 years old.

The camps run from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. on PD Days, which are days off of school so teachers can take professional development courses.

The Town of Slave Lake also holds PD Day camps.

Dance Creations teaches ballet, tap, and other styles. This year, it added classes for adults.

One adult class is ballet barre, which is an exercise class using ballet techniques. Georgina Moore, who is a new teacher at the studio, has taught this class in the past.

“Barre, that kind of exploded,” says Hansen. She’d advertised one class, but had very little response. She advertised it again. It filled up in one night. She added another class, which also filled up. Then a daytime class, which has quite a few people in it, but still a bit of room.

Barre classes start at the end of September.

Gymnastics recently received a grant from Walmart that covers tuition for the seniors weekly class. Eight seniors can take the class from fall to June 30, for the cost of insurance, which is $40.

The other studio and dance group have also been busy.

Dancin’ Kids Slave Lake’s (DKSL) website has its 2020/2021 schedule. This includes competitive classes, preschool, and performance. These range from hip hop to acro (a form of acrobatic dance) to ballet.

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