Fas Gas victim of ATM theft

Slave Lake Fas Gas boarded up, but still open for business, on March 22 the day after an ATM theft.

Leader staff

Slave Lake’s Fas Gas was again the victim of an ATM theft on March 21. This time, the bandits used the more conventional method of smashing the front door and towing the machine out. On at least one previous occasion, they had gone in through the roof.

It was quick and slick.

“They were in and out in two minutes,” says Slave Lake RCMP Staff Sgt. John Spaans.

If there’s any good news in this story, it’s that the roof-entry crooks have been identified. At least the RCMP have laid charges. That particular method of entry was being used on Fas Gas properties in various locations in Alberta. Police elsewhere (I.e. not in Slave Lake) ID-ed a culprit or culprits and the matter is before the courts.

But as we’ve seen, the smash-and-dash ATM thieves are still in business.

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