Federal carbon tax is bad for everyone

To the Editor:

Traveling the riding this summer, I have heard over and over again how Liberals are making life more expensive for Canadian families. The Trudeau carbon tax is scaring away investment from Canadian business owners and making it harder for charities and schools to accomplish their core duties.

Put frankly, the Trudeau carbon tax is bad for everyone!

This week, Justin Trudeau finally acknowledged that Conservatives are right: a carbon tax makes Canada a less competitive place to do business and it kills Canadian jobs.

Yet, while Trudeau plans to reduce his carbon tax for big businesses, he still plans to impose it on smaller businesses and Canadian families in full force. This makes no sense.

Here in Alberta, Rachel Notley’s NDP have been a willing accomplice to Justin Trudeau’s carbon tax scheme. NDP carbon tax policies have resulted in skyrocketing costs for families and small businesses including higher prices for gas, heating and even groceries.

Albertans can count on Canada’s Conservatives to create jobs and opportunity for Canadians everywhere, reduce taxes and make sure Canada is open for business. In fact, the very first act of a Conservative government led by Andrew Scheer will be to scrap the Trudeau carbon tax and give families and small businesses relief.

Arnold Viersen,
MP for Peace River–Westlock

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