Federal sewage lagoon funding announcement is old news

Leader staff

On September 14, the Government of Canada sent out news release -entitled, ‘Sustainability gets a boost in Alberta with federal funding for green projects through FCM (Federation of Canadian Municipalities).’

One of the projects mentioned in the release is the sewage lagoon upgrade in Slave Lake. The announcement may give the impression the funding is something new, but that is not the case.

Readers of The Leader will be familiar with the sewage lagoon upgrade project, which has been ongoing for around three years.

Town of Slave Lake Mayor Tyler Warman says the money in the news release is the loan the town received a while ago. When starting out, the town received some initial grants. However, this didn’t cover the full cost, so it took out a loan. The federal loan had the best interest rate. Also, there was a program which forgave $1 million of the loan. The town has budgeted to pay back the remaining $6,725,600 over several years.

Reconstruction of one of the lagoons in 2019. This part in now under water. The sewage lagoon upgrade is the biggest capital project on the town’s books, at roughly $14.2 million.
Also, from 2019: the Submerged Attached Growth Reactor (SAGR) cells, which were part of the major upgrade to the Slave Lake sewage treatment system.

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