Ferguson running for second full term on town council

Pearl Lorentzen
Lakeside Leader

Incumbent Brice Ferguson has been on Slave Lake town council since a byelection in 2017. He’s running again in the Oct. 18 election.

Four of Ferguson’s six campaign pillars are the same as last time. These are Devonshire Beach, economic diversification, fiscal responsibility, and downtown revitalization.

“I’ve worked on those things,” he says. However, they are still priorities.

This election Ferguson added homelessness and large scale community events.

For the last year, Ferguson has been the town representative of the Slave Lake Homeless Coalition. He was just elected co-chair.

Being on the homeless coalition has been “a very rewarding experience,” he says. He is committed to finding a “long-term, sustainable solution for an overnight emergency shelter with community buy in.”

Regarding council support for community events, Ferguson really enjoyed All-In Slave Lake. It showed him the impact that such large events can have on local tourism and well-being. Council as a whole already supports community events, but could do more.

Devonshire Beach is in Lesser Slave Lake Provincial Park.

“I spent a lot of time there when I was a kid,” says Ferguson. His goal is to bring it “back to its former glory.”

In response to lobbying by Ferguson and town council, Parks has agreed to groom the two sections annually. Before the last election, they were only groomed every three years, he says.

Ferguson is working toward a formal partnership between the town and Parks, so that no matter who is on council in the future the beach remains a priority.

“Let’s actually do something with it and work toward making it a tourism hot spot,” says Ferguson.

Ferguson was involved in the Town of Slave Lake hiring an economic development officer. He’s also committed to reading each budget line by line.

The final pillar is downtown revitalization.

Ferguson was on the steering committee and ‘kick started’ the use of provincial money to renovate Rennie Hall Plaza downtown.

“I want to see that continue as well,” says Ferguson.

Ferguson was born and raised in Slave Lake. He met his wife, Anisa, here. They have three children. He owns Domino’s Pizza in Slave Lake. His background is in accounting and finance. He’s a business student online through Memorial University.

Ferguson volunteers in the worship band at Abundant Life Worship Centre. In the past, he was on the board of the Slave Lake Koinonia Christian School and Abundant Life.

Ferguson’s campaign consists of flyers, signs, word of mouth, the candidate forum, and social media.

Brice Ferguson

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