Finally, some pulling together

The urge to take political advantage of a crisis is apparently too strong to resist for some people. One could hope that in the face of the challenges every single one of us is facing, that the mud-slingers would take a break from trying to make the (take your pick) government or opposition look bad and start pulling together to make things better. But no, let’s by all means keep throwing those low blows.

Give it a rest. That’s our view. We’re all in this together. Trying to use a situation like this to score cheap political points is not only low, it is downright tedious.

Having said that, as the crisis deepened last week, we did start to see signs of pulling together. Or at least of political reps simply trying to inform their constituents of the latest rulings and opportunities, without doubling down on criticism of the government or of the opposition. That, in our opinion, is very much how it should be in a situation like this.

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