Fire cupping available in town, promotes relaxation and blood flow

Katrina Owens
Lakeside Leader

If getting your muscles stretched out with hot glass cups sounds appealing, than Mercedes Berger has just the massage for you. It’s called ‘fire cupping’ and Berger says it has an array of benefits, including increasing blood flow, lessening inflammation, removing scar tissue and promoting relaxation.
“There are tons of different cupping styles, but the most common is called ‘fire cupping’,” says Berger. “How it works is we heat up the glass cup and place it on the skin which creates a suction that stretches out the muscles.”
According to Berger, cupping tends to intimidate clients because of misconceptions that it’s extremely painful.
“It has a lot of the same benefits as massage and it can hurt and be uncomfortable just how massage can be,” she says. “If you’re hesitant I recommend trying a shorter session first or integrate cupping into your massage.”
Berger adds, “Pain tolerance always depends on the client and we can always change up the pressure if its too uncomfortable – it is not supposed to be excruciating. Most people are also scared of the ‘bruises’ a cupping session leaves but they aren’t bruises, they are just markings from the suction and go away within two to ten days.”
If fire cupping doesn’t strike your fancy, Berger says she has other methods, including silicone cups.
“You can pretty much get cupping anywhere on the body; however, fire cupping works best on larger surfaces such as the back or legs,” she says. “Silicone cups are able to go all over and be suctioned on smaller areas like the wrists.”
In November Berger is offering 20 per cent off 60-minute cupping sessions.

Mercedes Berger

Berger is based out of Health Within Chiropractic Oasis in Slave Lake.


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