Fire in a house doesn’t become a house fire

Leader staff

Motor vehicle incidents continue to keep the LSL Regional Fire Service hopping. Fire chief Alex Pavcek tells us there were several of those, plus a few other minor type of calls in the week preceding Dec. 7, which is when we spoke.

Plus one house fire in Smith, that ended a lot better than it could have. Pavcek says it was an elderly couple who had a grease fire break out on their stove.

“They managed to put it out,” he says.

According to the fire department activity report presented to town council on Dec. 8, there were nine calls for service in the preceding week – two motor vehicle collisions, two medical co-responses, two alarms, and one each of structure fire, AHA assist and hazardous materials (see photo).

Kitchen incidents prompting calls to the fire service are not uncommon. On Dec. 10, for example, a pumper truck zoomed by The Leader on 3rd Ave. NE. Following up, we learned from Pavcek it had something to do with “burnt food.”

Washing it down

A mishap on Hwy. 2 in Slave Lake resulted in a call to a local company to first vacuum up some spilled oil and then wash down the site, pictured above. Fire chief Alex Pavcek says the truck had pulled off Caribou Trail onto the highway heading east and something fell off onto the road, spreading some oil around. The fire department’s role was to advise the company that its clean-up efforts were inadequate, he says, so they called in the vac truck.

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