Five months late, steak and lobster raises lots of dough

Pearl Lorentzen
Lakeside Leader

Wildfires in May and June continue to impact community events. Several events were postponed because of the fires.

Some, like the Kinuso Fire Department Annual Steak and Lobster Dinner, happened in September.

Back in May, the Kinuso Fire Department had only four of the 17 firefighters in Kinuso. The rest were in High Level or Wabasca fighting forest fires.

May is usually when the fire department has their annual steak and lobster dinner fundraiser.

Firefighters do all of the cooking and set up. It’s a big event, so four couldn’t run it. With this in mind, they postponed the dinner until September 14.

One of the firefighters, Everette Samuelson has lobster connections back in New Brunswick. In May, Kinuso gets fresh wild lobster that is only a few days old. In September, they had to buy farmed lobster which was a bit more expensive.

However, even with the extra expense they estimate that when they’ve paid all of the bills they will have raised between $10,000 to $12,000.

The dinner was at the Kinuso Curling Rink and 280 people attended.

Attendees were of all ages. Some were out for a nice night and others had something more special in mind. Dave and Polly Walker celebrated their 45th wedding anniversary at the event.

The event cost $60 a person. There was a dance after the meal.

L to r: Everette Samuelson and Ian Churchill volunteer firefighters, with the Kinuso Fire Department, cook steaks for the Steak and Lobster Dinner fundraiser on Sept. 14.
A table full of people enjoying steak and lobster at the annual Kinuso Fire Department fundraiser. Clockwise starting at left front: Dab Schafer, Wendy Giese, Richard Sikorski, Kevin Schafer, Shaun Schafer, Bonnie Sikorski, Polly Walker and Dave Walker.

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