Flu season is still here; 10 deaths so far


It’s not too late for your influenza immunization, says Alberta Health Services. Resolutions to start the new year off by eating healthier and getting more exercises are good – but what about that flu shot? You won’t be doing much exercise flat on your back and sick as a dog.
As of Dec. 18, AHS says in a recent release, “more than 1,470 cases of influenza have been confirmed in Alberta. Of these cases, 260 have been hospitalized. Tragically, 10 have passed away.”
No matter how healthy you think you are, the release goes on to say, if you haven’t been immunized, you’re at risk of contracting the flu.
The good news is that the flu vaccine is still available, free of charge, for all Albertans six months of age or older. In Slave Lake, that would be at the Family Care Clinic and at participating pharmacies.
“Start your year healthy and stay that way,” says AHS. “Get immunized today.”

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