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That was the theme of the Lakeside Figure Skating Club’s spring carnival, held at the Slave Lake Multi Rec Centre on March 16. There wasn’t much space left in last week’s Leader for more than a single photo, so this week is a bit of follow-up. Head coach Jennifer Dierker says the club is happy with the way the show turned out.

“Our skaters were able to show off the skills they have been working on all season,” she says. “From learning to skate to learning a new jump or spin, the show had a bit of everything. We had a large crowd turn up to watch our skaters perform, which was really great to see. It is always enjoyable to put on a community event – especially when the community shows up!

“The skaters worked on a variety of disciplines and elements this season. Unfortunately, due to a change in the competition grid, our skaters were unable to compete. We are hoping to see a change in the grid going forward.

“The skaters are now working toward assessments and tests. They will also be participating in the opening ceremonies of the U-13 tier 2 provincial championships on Friday.”

The skaters were scheduled to perform a group number and serve as flag-bearers for each team in the ceremony.

“We have a great group of skaters that have continually worked hard toward their individual goals but have also showed camaraderie and team spirit throughout the season,” Dierker says. “This is our last week of skating for the season and will be busy right to the last second!”

The CanSkate Red Group, doing their ‘Don’t Give Up On Me’ number. Skaters in the group were Cecilia, Elisha, Kailey, Layla, Easton, Brielle, Sean, Csea, Kallece, Cadnisse, Francine, Cassandra, Amiel and Jeannine.
Spectators were treated to 10 separate solo numbers at the event, this one by Rya.
Alessia doing her solo routine.
A relative newcomer to the scene, Asha did an impressive solo skate.
Intro to Figure Skating Group, doing a routine called ‘Better When I’m Dancing.’ Group members were Alia, Chloe, Frankie, Lacey, Carter, Daronne, Francheska, Lucy, Briar, Hailee and Vedetta.
Batul doing a solo and glancing at the photographer while doing it.

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