Former Slave Lake family makes a legacy donation

Parks, playgrounds, others to benefit

Submitted by the Town of Slave Lake

Former residents of Slave Lake, Lance and Tammy Torgerson, along with their children Blake and Halle, recently made a legacy donation of $400,000 to the Town of Slave Lake. Calling Slave Lake home for their childhood, they recognize the importance and value of investing in their home community.

“Tammy and I are very excited to give back to our hometown,” says Lance. “We both grew up in this community and it’s been instrumental in moulding us into the people we are today; hard working, passionate community members that want to contribute to the success of others. Over the last 25 years, we’ve been fortunate enough to enjoy amazing success and it’s time to give back to where it all started, Slave Lake!”

The family’s investment comes in the way of building several new features for parks in Slave Lake. They have designated funds to improve facilities at Barton Park, in the southwest part of town, and Poplar Grove Park. Poplar Grove Park, which is located between 6th Ave. and 5th Ave. NW, will see a basketball half court built and Barton Park will see a pump track (bike course) developed. Funds will also be used to purchase picnic tables, sunshades, and bike racks for both parks. These improvements will have a positive impact on the livability for residents and make Slave Lake a more attractive destination to potential newcomers and visitors.

In addition to their significant donation to the Town of Slave Lake, the Torgerson family has also donated $25,000 each to the following organizations:

Gilwood Golf Club, Slave Lake Curling Club, Slave Lake Gymnastics and Slave Lake Minor Baseball.

The $500,000 philanthropic investment into the community of Slave Lake demonstrates the family’s recognition of giving in the hopes of inspiring others, as well as wanting to make an impact on enhancing the community.

The Town of Slave Lake would like to thank the Torgerson family for their generous donation and their commitment to making Slave Lake a great place to live, work and play.

Lance and Tammy Torgerson and their children Blake and Halle donated $400,000 to the Town of Slave Lake and another $100,000 to Slave Lake non-profits.

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