Fun in the Sun at the Slave Lake Visitor Information Centre

It was more like ‘fun in the smoke’ at the Slave Lake VIC last week on Aug. 22, but lots of fun was had nonetheless. Various agencies set up games and challenges along with information-sharing – all at the invitation of Community Futures and the folks who run the VIC on behalf of the members of the Regional Tri-Council. Community Futures manager Josh Friesen says it was a way of getting people out to the VIC from the community who may not be familiar with what it offers.

Tempting but challenging – donuts dangling from strings. But no hands!

We’re not sure exactly what the Rotary Club of Slave Lake Library was offering the kids at the Fun in the Sun event last week at the Slave Lake Visitor Information Centre, but it was certainly attracting some interest.

The Wildfire Protection folks had their Wajax challenge going for the kids, who had to fill a jug to pop a balloon.

Trails are in development starting (and ending) at the Visitor Info Centre.

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