Gardening: We ask, you answer

Responses to a Leader Facebook survey.

Day 1
“When do you plant your seeds?”

With 25 responses, the most popular answer was “some time after May long weekend.”
Tied for second place was “May long weekend, on the dot” and “they are already in the ground.” Each received seven votes.
Two people selected “I don’t garden.”
One added “As per the package instructions, so some as soon as the ground can be worked and others after all danger of frost has passed.”
Three also clarified.
One said, “all my seeds are planted, but I don’t ever plant bedding plants until after the first full moon in June, and if I do I am prepared to cover them in case of frost. This year the full moon is June 5, which means I might plant, but be prepared to cover.”
Another said, “I began mine indoors about a month ago. I will put them outside during May long weekend.”
“It depends what it is I’m planting,” said another. “Cold season crops (lettuce, carrots, onions, potatoes, and peas) I plant anytime between the end of April to the middle of May. Warm season crops (tomatoes, squash, peppers, beans, etc.) I often start indoors and transplant out at the end of May or early June. I also cover my beds with a thick layer of mulch which helps insulate them and regulate the temperature of the soil.”

Day 2
“Are you planning on increasing your garden this year? If so, is COVID a consideration?”

Of those surveyed everyone who gardens was either planting the same or increasing. No one selected “I plan to decrease the amount of vegetables I grow because of COVID.”
“I plan to garden as much as normal” was the most popular response with 21 votes.
“I will be increasing the amount of vegetables I grow because of COVID” received seven votes.
Tied with this was an answer added by a reader – “I increased because that was the plan and lately the veggies here have been second rate at best.”
Three people selected “I don’t garden.”
Two people commented.
One said, “partly because of COVID, but also because we’re changing around our garden space anyway.”
The other, “I will be increasing the amount of vegetables I grow because I get better at it year after year, COVID or no COVID. I’m trying new seed varieties this year to try to get better yields.”

Day 3
“Do you prefer growing annuals or perennials? Why?”

“I like growing both,” was the most popular answer, with 23 votes.
The one reason given was “because it’s nice to have stuff pop up before you even think about planting. It’s also so satisfying to plant a seed and see it grow into something. Also there are different flowers that are pretty for both annual and perennial.”
“Perennials” received eight votes.
Once again a few people (in this case four) selected, “I don’t garden.”
Two people chose “annuals.”

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