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  1. I have been a frequent and persistent critic of your MLA Pat Rehn, who miraculously found interest in your community six months after being booted from UCP government. Although he was relieved to have been booted, he ran like the dickens to lick Kenny’s boots to get back in. In any case he and his office have blocked me on Facebook to silence me as a critic. Not only is this a violation of charter rights, it’s wholly undemocratic, and I urge residents of Slave Lake to not let him gloss over his actions not even months a ago, and write a false narrative that he now cares. You deserve better Slave Lake, and I hope you keep that in mind,

  2. Searching for obits for relatives buried in Swan Valley Cemetery. Any idea which papers might have carried them, or if there is a historical society or genealogy group that I could contact? Any help appreciated.
    Diane in Saskatchewan

  3. From: Bobbie Yellowknee
    Subject: Wabasca local cowboy takes his last ride!

    Joseph “Napesis” Cardinal — Passed away on July 29th, 2019 at the age of 72. Wake
    begins on August 5th at 1PM Funeral service on August 7th at 1PM; to be held at the
    Wabasca Fieldhouse. Everyone welcome to come say your farewells to Cowboy Joe 💙


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