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  1. Subject: apartments and transportation
    There is a potential nurse job for me at Slave Lake as nurse and I would like to know what is the mode of transportation at Slave Lake, and maybe you know some available apartments near Slave Lake Health Complex. Thank you in advance!

    From: Maria

  2. The Bigstone Cree Nation election is coming up and I have question regarding the fairness of the Election, I don’t understand why BCN members that live on MD land can vote both municipal and band elections, but Band members living on the reserve can only vote for band elections which is understandable, most of the nominees for this years election live in the municipality and have no understanding of the issues facing the nation, I don’t think it’s fair for BCN members that live on the reserve, the jurisdiction boundaries continue to divide the communities. MD has paved roads and trails while BCN residents continue to breathe in the harmful dust from the dusty roads, lack of infrastructure on BCN reserves while MD is prospering and BCN getting poorer, the election codes must be changed and stop the double standard. I will fight this in court!!

  3. Hi….I am trying to get in touch with Rod Klenk who you did a story on about 4 yrs ago….he was pictured having donated some tools… do you know Rod..if so do you have contact info for him? If not can you pass my info to him

    We went to electonics school back in the 80’s and lived together

    Thanks for any help you can provide…my cell is 9022294913


  4. Rev. Joselito Chua · Edit

    To whom it may concern,
    I am a local pastor here in the Philippines but i have a former disciple who is now based in Slave Lake Alberta.  He and his family have moved there just this year.  I am trying to help them look for a church. HOwever, they live in the southwest area.  Would you possibly know of a Bible Believing church in that area or are you near the southwest area as well?  I hope you can help my friend find a local church community in their area.  
    Rev. Joselito Chua

  5. The article “Championships Galore for Slave Lake Minor Hockey Teams” states that a lot of BOYS have gold medals and does not mention GIRLS, when in fact there are 2 girls on the U15 team, and girls on many of the other teams representing Slave Lake at Provincials this year. The omission of the girls adds to the gender inequality in our world. The Lakeside Leader should print a correction and maybe even run a story on the girls who are going to provincials.

    Dani Gillis

  6. Name: Gary Van Duzee Grant
    Francis MacDonald Tees
    I have not been in contact for over 20 years, would like to find Mrs Francis MacDonald Tees. We met in 1965 – I was working in Alberta Forest Service, we danced, were engaged, parted friends, last contact while I was trucking & passing through Slave Lake, one night, we chatted on phone for a couple hours, on my way north, then a couple days later, chatted again. If you her or know her where-a-bouts, please pass this message on to family if they are still in Slave Lake – I understand she had two sons. We also had supper at her home sometime after 1976 to 1979 apprxly – Francis also had worked/supervised? at Slave Lake Hotel possibly -My name is Gary Van Duzee

  7. Real hard to find the Lesser Slave Lake fishing survey. Deadline noon Feb 7. Try and follow links right at page bottom

  8. I have been a frequent and persistent critic of your MLA Pat Rehn, who miraculously found interest in your community six months after being booted from UCP government. Although he was relieved to have been booted, he ran like the dickens to lick Kenny’s boots to get back in. In any case he and his office have blocked me on Facebook to silence me as a critic. Not only is this a violation of charter rights, it’s wholly undemocratic, and I urge residents of Slave Lake to not let him gloss over his actions not even months a ago, and write a false narrative that he now cares. You deserve better Slave Lake, and I hope you keep that in mind,

  9. Searching for obits for relatives buried in Swan Valley Cemetery. Any idea which papers might have carried them, or if there is a historical society or genealogy group that I could contact? Any help appreciated.
    Diane in Saskatchewan

  10. From: Bobbie Yellowknee
    Subject: Wabasca local cowboy takes his last ride!

    Joseph “Napesis” Cardinal — Passed away on July 29th, 2019 at the age of 72. Wake
    begins on August 5th at 1PM Funeral service on August 7th at 1PM; to be held at the
    Wabasca Fieldhouse. Everyone welcome to come say your farewells to Cowboy Joe 💙


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