German biker stops in Slave Lake on cross-country tour

Katrina Owens
Lakeside Leader

In an odd turn of events, The Leader was beckoned to the Lesser Slave Lake Visitor Information Centre last week to speak to an interesting individual who popped by for a hot cuppa’ joe, his name is Klaus Ullrich.
What makes him so interesting you might ask? Perhaps that he’s in the midst of bicycling through a multi-country road trip.
“The Yukon is my finale destination,” he says. “I started in May in California – I’ve been through Arizona, Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho and Washington. I finally arrived here in Alberta on June 9th.”
The 62-year-old adds that this isn’t his first large trek, in fact he’s been on more than 40 of them.
“This is my adventure vacation!” he chuckles. “I have been on 48 big bike travels, 16 in North America and the rest back in Europe.”
Ullrich hails from around Cologne, Germany and says he’s on a deadline to get back to home.
“I will fly back to Germany on July 10th from Whitehorse,” he says. “I have a day or so after that and I’m back to work.”
The big question this reporter wanted to ask, as many probably do, is why in the world are you doing this?
“I like the adventure…it’s a very different life than just getting up and going to work,” he says. “I like the north, it’s so big and open – much different from the south where there are lots of people.”
Regional economic developmental officer, Darcie Acton says meeting someone like Klaus doesn’t happen everyday.
“A person who has travelled the world by bicycle comes to Slave Lake for a coffee…what are the chances of that?” she says.
Klaus documents his adventures online at

Klaus Ullrich along side his bicycle at the Lesser Slave Lake VIC.

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