Giroux running for town council to give back in a ‘broader way’

Pearl Lorentzen
Lakeside Leader

“I wanted to give back to the community in a broader way than previously,” says Francesca ‘Frankie’ Giroux.
This was in answer to the question why she is running for Slave Lake town council.

Municipal politics is “the closest level to the public,” she adds. “This is where we can actually do things. There is that level of wanting do do stuff for the community which has just always been there for me.”

Giroux is the past president of the Slave Lake and District Chamber of Commerce. She was the president for four years. Also, she is on the Slave Lake Gymnastics Association board.

Giroux’s seven-year-old daughter is in gymnastics and there was a need for board members.

“It’s a very active board, which is really nice,” says Giroux.

Giroux is also involved in organizing events in Slave Lake. She and Kimberly Hughes co founded a block party as part of Riverboat Daze. In 2021, the two of them and Shawn Gramlich spearheaded a three-day event at the end of August called ‘All-In Slave Lake.’

Giroux is a CPA (Certified Professional Accountant) and managing partner at Nash Giroux LLP. She is at the Slave Lake branch, but there’s also a branch in Spruce Grove and Morinville.

Giroux grew up in Edmonton. She started racing cars when she was 10.

“I’ve been here (Slave Lake) since 2009,” says Giroux. She moved to Slave Lake to work for Bonnie Nash. In 2012, Giroux finished her CPA and became a partner.

A CPA is seven years of schooling, plus three full-time years of working, says Giroux.

Giroux also owns Frankie’s Fricken’ Flowers, which makes silk flower arrangements. She’s a member of one of the local gyms.

Giroux’s first priority reflects her career as a CPA. It is fiscal responsibility.

“I mean how do we create value for residents,” she says.

The second is economic development.

“I believe in the ‘live local’ campaign,” says Giroux. This is more than just retail, but includes things like being able to find local lawyers and other professionals. Also, the region is dependent on five main industries, it would be good to find ways to diversify this.

“The town can’t start businesses, but it can make it desirable to do business here,” she says.

The third is family and community services. The final pillar is social awareness.

“We are on traditional lands,” says Giroux. Also, there are people living in the area from a variety of cultural backgrounds. In response, Giroux would like to see council involved with a culture day event, community education on truth and reconciliation, and partnerships with neighbouring communities.

“I just want to be a council that leads,” says Giroux. “Instead of reacting.”

Giroux announced her candidacy early. She’s using social media, phone calls, signs, and was at the candidate forum.

This year Slave Lake has “more signs than our town has seen,” says Giroux.

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