Giving the benefit of the doubt

The Leader is occasionally urged to ‘take the town to task’ (or whatever or whoever). We’re in the habit of giving the benefit of the doubt, where municipal governments are concerned, having observed over time that they do a decent job, all things considered.

There are of course individual cases where the rules cause headaches. Should we discuss driveway widths? Probably not. By looking at individual cases, you miss the big picture. And the big picture, as far as we can tell, is that the rules regarding what can go where and how much of your yard you can pave and so on are sound. They are never invented by individual municipalities. They are the result of the accumulated experience of many decades of municipal government. They are aimed at making things work as smoothly as possible. They are defensible, and almost always backed up by provincial legislation.

So although when it comes down to the nuts and bolts of enforcement – (planting trees, not planting trees, proper lot grading, driveway widths, etc.) – it can appear to be arbitrary and downright annoying, if you look into it with an open mind you’ll find out that isn’t so. The open mind part of it is tricky, though, and apparently more than many people are willing or able to achieve.

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