Glow barrel racing

Leader staff

Doing things (in this case barrel racing) in the dark with the only light from Christmas lights (the occasional glowing barrel) and glow sticks seems to be quite popular. Slave Lake has glow skates regularly and a glow swim coming up. Unfortunately, it doesn’t lend well to photography. Of the submitted photos of a SHARA glow barrel race on November 4 in Smith Equine Arena, these two were the only ones likely to turn out okay in print. The event looked quite fun however. Smith Miss Teen Fall Fair Queen Kailey MacKinnon helped out with the event. SHARA had 10 riders at the first event and is hoping to do it again in early December (maybe the ninth). For details, contact Carley at 780-849-859.
Photos courtesy of SHARA.

Brook Evans, with glow glasses and a glowing necklace on a horse.

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