Good news from Living Waters on student performance

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When it comes to provincial achievement and diploma exams, students at Living Waters Schools are producing some good results. That’s the news from a Living Waters media release on Oct. 24.
The release did not break down the results by school, so there’s nothing indicating where Slave Lake’s two Catholic schools stand in relation to the rest of the Living Waters Schools.
But in general, Living Waters students in Grade 6 and Grade 9 “continue to meet or exceed the province in specific subject areas at the acceptable standard, as well as the standard of excellence,” says the release. It follows that up with, this comment from Superintendent of Schools Jo-Anne Lanctot: “There is still much work to be done as we continue to find ways to support our students to ensure that they are learning with rigor.”
As for diploma exams, Grade 12 students “continue to meet or exceed the province in specific courses at the acceptable standard, and are very close to the provincial standard of excellence in English Language Arts,” the release continues.
More specifically, Grade 6 students did particularly well in English Language Arts. Grade 9 students out-performed their provincial counterparts in Knowledge and Employability Achievement. Participation rates by Grade 6 and 9 students were also good, except in French and Math.
In the Diploma Exam area, Living Waters students “exceeded the provincial average (at the ‘acceptable’ standard) in a couple of English courses, Math 30-2 and Science 30.
At the excellence standard, Living Waters students were “within one per cent of the provincial standard for English Language Arts 30-2 and within four per cent of the provincial standard” for English 30-1.
All of this of course begs the question of how students did on all the courses not mentioned in the release. Not as well, presumably.


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