Good things and not so good

A few weeks back, we ran a front-page story in which Friendship Centre ED Barb Courtorielle was quote saying how dire the situation was.
Donations for the Christmas hamper program were nowhere near what was needed, given the expected applications. Then, about three weeks later, Courtorielle reported to town council she’d received over $20,000 in donations in the last little while, which should leave some money left for next year. And on top of that she had a room full of donated toys to give away. And whole hockey teams showing up to help sort it.

All very good. Some people are struggling and this shows with a bit of focused effort, the community in general can easily pull something like this off.

Courtorielle’s report also had the sobering news that things are changing when it comes to looking after the Mat Program. We’re starting to see people taking drugs, she said, and we’ve had to call the police and ambulance several times. It didn’t used to be like that.

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