Gymnastics ready with tested COVID precautions

Pearl Lorentzen
Lakeside Leader

Slave Lake Gymnastics Association make-up classes in the summer were a good trial run for the fall.

“It went well,” says president Tasha Albert. “It was well received. We know that the process we have works.”

This process is based on both health rules from Alberta Health Services and the Alberta Gymnastic Federation. These include physical distancing, hand washing, equipment cleaning, and more time between classes to keep down on groups meeting each other.

Slave Lake Gymnastics Association is adding family, sibling, and senior classes for its second year. Just before it was forced to shutdown in the spring because of COVID-19, it added ‘cheer,’ which is performance cheerleading, not to cheer on a sports team.

There are classes for people 18 months to 98-plus years old, says Albert. Classes start on September 14. The fees this year are the same as last year, but it runs 14 weeks instead of 12 weeks. Classes are six days a week and range in time from 45 minutes to two hours. Higher level and grade classes are longer.

“We have some very talented gymnasts,” says Albert. In coming years, the association hopes to add a competitive option for both gymnastics and ‘cheer.’

One of the most popular courses last year was ‘ninja warrior’, which is based on Parkour. Parkour is where people jump from real world obstacles, including buildings.

“It’s a lot of climbing and rolling,” says Albert. “It is fundamentally based on learning the skills that would be used in Parkour.”

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