Gymnastics starts, cheer ends

Gymnastics competition starts

Slave Lake gymnasts (left to right) Eilish Billard, Summer Edwards, and Grace Saul competed at a fun meet in Athabasca the weekend of March 18. This was the first competition of the year for gymnastics.
Slave Lake Gymnastic Association has both gymnasts and cheerleaders.
Photos courtesy of Slave Lake Gymnastics.

Trio wins gold

Left to right, Kinsley Gelderman, Chloe McDermott, and Brookelyn Albert are the Slave Lake Lightning Cheer Trio. Here they are with their first place medals at Rise Up Cheer (Cheerleading) Challenge at West Edmonton Mall the weekend of March 18. This was the second time the trio competed. Both times, they won gold with a perfect zero (no deductions).
Lightning Cheer also has a larger group, which competed at Rise Up. They also received a perfect zero, but not a gold medal.
The cheerleading competitive season has wrapped up.

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