Habitat looking for local volunteers to help with fifth SL house

Slave Lake Interagency
Council Notebook

February 23, 2021

Pearl Lorentzen
Lakeside Leader

The helping organizations in Slave Lake meet monthly to discuss upcoming events, services, and for support.

Habitat for Humanity
Tanya Edison, with Habitat for Humanity in Edmonton, announced that construction of a new house in Slave Lake was set to start in March. Habitat for Humanity hired a contractor to build the house, but is looking for local volunteers to be on a selection committee and do a few odd jobs. It is also looking for families who need a house.
This will be the fifth house built by Habitat for Humanity in Slave Lake. There are also a few more lots to develop. The lots were turned over to Habitat after the 2011 Slave Lake wildfire.
To volunteer call 780-720-4065.

Volunteer income tax program
The Town of Slave Lake volunteer income tax clinic runs March 8 to April 31. It is Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. by appointment. To book an appointment call 780-849-8031.
Monday, Wednesday, and Friday are also the only days that the Town office is open.

Town of Slave Lake
The Multi Rec Centre is open in a limited capacity.
May 1 is the tentative reopen date for the Northern Lake Aquatic Centre.
All of the staff have to be rehired and certified, said Serena Weipert, Aquatics Supervisor and Family and Community Support Services Coordinator. Pool staff were laid off March 13, 2020, so they haven’t been in the water for a year.
The town is still working on the community directory. Anyone involved with a church, school, recreational association should have received a form to fill out. If not contact [email protected]
Homeless Coalition
Each month there is a public Homeless Coalition meeting. Anyone interested in the Mat Program (which provides a place to sleep out of the cold) or the proposed Housing First (transitional housing) is welcome to attend.
The meeting is on Thursdays at 1 p.m. on Zoom. Email [email protected] for the link.

Rotary Club of Slave Lake Public Library
This month, the library has a colouring contest. The colouring sheets can be picked up through curbside pickup or printed off. There are also Read-a-Movie kits – with a book, the movie and a bag of pop corn.
The library has online videos, an online book club, and writers’ group. There are also Craft-in-a-Bag kits. These can be picked up on the curbside pickup table by the back door. If the weather is bad, book an appointment to pick them up.

Psychological First Aid
Two local women are trained to run two different types of psychological first aid. Both are willing to offer the class online.
On an evening or weekend, anyone interested in booking Psychological First Aid for Indigenous Populations can contact Blanche Chymycz at [email protected]
To book, Psychological First Aid for a Pandemic contact Trina Napier at [email protected]

Long-term care
Chymycz is the long-term care recreation therapist.
The monthly birthday parties now have an online performance by local people. The next one is March 9, as there is only one resident born in March. Otherwise, these are the first Thursday of the month.
Local community members raised money for an iPad for long-term care. So far it has been used for residents to visit their families and friends, exploring the internet, games, sensory activities for folks with dementia, and a new program called Young Guns.
Young Guns is an AHS recreation therapists program throughout the AHS North Zone, says Chymycz. It is for people 65 and under living in long-term care. It is online on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 3 to 4 p.m. A recreation therapist leads some fun activities – so far these are games, trivia, and bingo.

WJS Canada
WJS has supports for family resilience and for adults and children with FASD. For more information email Jackie Deley at [email protected]

Children’s Resource Council
The toy library is up and running, but also expanding. People can order online and pick up toys and equipment (such as highchairs) in Slave Lake, High Prairie, or McLennan. At the moment, there is a delay of a few days to get stuff to Slave Lake from High Prairie.
CRC has online and one-on-one in person support for parents and caregivers – some general and some specific. There are also weekly activity kits which people can pick up. A complete list of events is on hpdcrc.ca in the event section.

Northern Haven Support Society
NHSS Community Services has a parenting program.
On Tuesdays and Fridays, it has Ladies Night Out which at the moment meets online. The Friday time is new and starts at 8:30 p.m. The majority of attendees are mothers with small children.
In March and April, community services will be running its Healthy Relationships program in schools via Zoom.

KTC Health
Kee Tas Kee Now Tribal Council (KTC) Health supports people living on five First Nations north of Lesser Slave Lake. These are Loon River, Lubicon Lake, Peerless Trout, Whitefish Lake, and Woodland Cree First Nations. It offers youth mental health, FASD and autism diagnosis, speech and language therapy and other forms of health care. Band members may move from these areas into Slave Lake or from Slave Lake back to these areas. This requires referrals between various agencies.

AHS Mental Health
On Thursday evenings starting March 11, there are five free mental health and addictions education workshops online. The topics are anxiety (Mar. 11), depression (Mar. 18), maintaining healthy relationships (Mar. 25), managing difficult emotions (Apr. 1), and understanding the nature of addictions (Apr. 8). People can sign up for all the courses or just the ones that interest them. To register call 780-849-7127.

First Nations Health Consortium
Sam Laboucan, First Nations Health Consortium regional service coordinator High Prairie and area, attended his first interagency meeting. He’s based out of High Prairie. He covers the area from Big Lakes County to Slave Lake to Fawcett.
An information pamphlet says, “First Nations Health Consortium supports families in accessing education, health or social programs to meet their child’s needs. We strive to raise public and community awareness of our Enhanced Service Coordination for Jordan’s Principle: a Child-First Initiative.”

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