Hammering on weeds

We’ve been hammering on the weed theme pretty hard in recent weeks – possibly to the point some readers are sick of hearing about it. But it’s not over yet! Blame it on COVID – not much else is happening. Winter will be here soon enough, in any case.

Anyway, we are paying particular attention to two or three sites along the creek in Slave Lake where Himalayan balsam has taken hold. At one spot, at least half a dozen visits to pull up all the plants. And every time there are more coming up. The battle continues. It would sure help if anyone who has the plant in their yard would dig it up, bag it and get rid of it for good. The whole problem of this invasive weed getting into public land started with people dumping their yard clippings in the bush. It takes hold and spreads from there. Like so many other ills of human society, it is completely avoidable. Unlike many of those other ills, it is a battle that is winnable.

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