Hand stamped and uniquely made

Callie Hermanson
Lakeside Leader

Local artist, Jen Knutt of Grace+Rhett, will be one of the many artists teaching a class during the Lesser Slave Lake Regional Arts Council’s Young @ Art Camp.

Grace+Rhett is a line of hand stamped jewellery entirely made by hand.

Knutt says she uses a metal letter, number or design stamp and the strike of a hammer to stamp each letter one at a time onto a metal disc. She explains how this creates different depths, spacing, and alignment.

“This is not a flaw in the piece; it is the beauty of a handmade item.”

After stamping a piece, Knutt uses a file to sand down any rough edges.

Knutt says she then blackens the piece using Gilders Paste and finishes it with a polished look or a brushed finish.

“With each letter being stamped I can create anything your heart desires.”

Knutt also makes genuine stone earrings and beaded bracelets.

The name Grace+Rhett stems from the middle names of two of Knutt’s four children.

Knutt says she got into hand stamping jewelry after receiving some rings that could be hand stamped and customized from her husband for Christmas. She adds she couldn’t stop looking at them.

“I thought it was a neat gift idea and since it wasn’t something done in the area, I decided to buy the stuff and go from there.”

Knutt says she doesn’t think she will be teaching the hand stamping part of her jewelry at the camp but rather the beadwork as children with hammers didn’t seem safe to her.

However, Knutt says she may do a demonsration of how the stamping works for the kids to watch.

Jen Knutt, owner of Grace+Rhett.

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