Hats off

The experiment called ‘pay-to-play’ junior hockey has its share of skeptics. It turns the traditional model on its head, and like any new thing (no surprise) it generates instinctive opposition.

That’s what happened when the Western States Hockey League proposed a new division in Alberta and a franchise in Slave Lake. Crazy, stupid, unworkable, etc. were some of the comments. Others were even nastier.

But what if it does work? The Icedogs did in fact come into being, as part of a different league. And their first season was pretty successful. Now they are trying to survive a second season shortened by COVID. Nobody saw that coming, and some teams in the eastern part of the league have thrown in the towel on the season. Not worth the effort, etc. etc.

But the Icedogs are hanging in there and good for them. They are sticking with it in hopes of a resumption of the season. There is a breaking point, but it hadn’t been reached as of this writing.

If and when a return to play happens, this teams deserves all the support the community can muster.

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