Have we been here before?

When you’ve been writing editorials for 30 years, chances are good you start to repeat yourself.

Sort of like history does.

Have we been here before? Yes, we have! Have we faced similar difficulties? We have. Spanish Flu, 1918 – 1920, for just one example. 50 million deaths. We’ve been here before, although as far as we remember we didn’t actually write any editorials about the Spanish Flu.

In spite of all that repetition (the historical kind) being true, are we headed somewhere we’ve never been before? If so, that’s kind of scary.

Yes, but it could be hopeful too.

New things occasionally arise. And predictably, some people embrace them enthusiastically (too enthusiastically sometimes); others resist them because they generally don’t like new things. ‘If it was good enough for grandpa,…..etc.’

You get that kind of resistance to alternative forms of energy, for example. And – on the other side of the coin – a ‘Yippee, let’s throw the baby out with the bathwater!’ kind of attitude.

Chances are we’ve said that before.

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