Healing through tradition, at Kokum’s Outreach

Kokum’s Outreach, operated by April Isadore, held its Summer Showcase July 27 at the “Hippie Hill” location just west of Driftpile on Highway 2. The showcase featured many of the services and activities offered by Kokum’s Outreach, which are all designed to focus on an individual’s mental and spiritual support.

“We provide an opportunity for healing,” says Isadore, adding it is attained through both Indigenous traditions and modern methods. Included were smoked fish making, dry meat making, traditional dancing, hand games, a tipi set up and historical tent, bannock on a stick and peppermint tea making, massage, reiki, arts and crafts, an Elder’s Medicine Walk, tarot card readings, healing through painting and more.

Wapastim Isadore performs the delightful chicken dance, which copies chickens during the mating season.
Moose meat was smoked the traditional way by Sheri Giroux, left, and Laura Giroux. Not shown is “cutter” Gail Supernault.
Mika Rain performs in her jingle dress.
Elder Hank Giroux provided the expertise at the Medicine Walk and Talk. He showed visitors the many native plants used by Indigenous people.
Bannock on a stick [bannock baking] provided a tasty snack for Sheila Soloshy, left, and Lise Sloan.
Inside the bannock station were Lisa Giroux, left, and Libby Courtoreille. In addition to bannock baking, they also provided Laboom, commonly known as peppermint tea.
Avis Giroux participated in the “Healing Through Art” station. It is one of many ways people can get more in tune with their inner spirit.

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