Health and Christian book store opens at Plaza 2000

Gord Fortin
Lakeside Leader

Healthy Choices, a health store, has opened its doors in Plaza 2000.
The store is owned and operated by Margaret and George Driedger. The store saw its grand opening on Feb. 7. Both have been working hard to get this store up and running since December 2017.
Margaret says Healthy Choices will be selling various health foods, herbs, vitamins, Christian books, marital help books, devotionals and various homeschooling textbooks.
There will be more, as not everything has come in yet. They are still waiting on deliveries.
Neither of them were sure what would be the hot sellers, but Margaret feels that the daily planners or time-keeping books could sell well. She reasons that people like to be organized and plan out their days.
“I’m thinking the journals might be,” Margaret says.
Margaret also feels the vitamins will be a good seller. Healthy Choices will be carrying Mountain Meadow Herbs, Bell Lifestyle Products, Now Food Products, essential oils and SISU vitamins.
Margaret says she was proud to get the Mountain Meadow brand because it is a liquid product that when used gets into your bloodstream quickly.
George is not sure what would be a hot seller but feels there would be a large crowd at the grand opening because of the interest seen on Facebook.
“I’m looking forward to it,” he says.
George says there will be plans to expand the store as they go. This means more products will be brought in. They can order products in if they do not carry them currently.
As for why to shop at Healthy Choices, Margaret says it is a local option. You don’t have to drive two and half hours into the city. She says the prices are reasonable and points to the variety of products as reasons to visit the store.
George adds that you will find items at Healthy Choices that you won’t elsewhere, specifically mentioning Wonder Oil. This is used for joint pain relief.
As for why the couple decided to open this type of store, Margaret says she was always interested in Christian books. She feels this is good material to read and there is not much around.
She also wants to fill the void from when the Here’s to your Health store closed. She liked shopping there.
The couple had considered taking over that establishment but in the end that fell through. When that happened they decided to open their own business.
Margaret explains that she got interested in health matters for a way to live a better life and improve health.
“It’s what we’re all after,” she said.
George says he is looking to help people however he can by providing good reading material and healthy options. He calls it community outreach.

Family business

The Driedger family is behind Healthy Choices, a new health and Christian book store in town. Pictured here are George, left, Margaret and their daughter Jennifer Driedger, in front of the fully stocked shelves of their new business. The store has its grand opening on Feb. 7.

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