Healthy Living Program going strong, making a difference

Joe McWilliams
Lakeside Leader

Endurance, strength, flexibility and balance. If you could use more of any of those, the Healthy Living Program put on by Alberta Health Services at the field house in Slave Lake might be right up your alley.

That list of exercise benefits is courtesy of Andrew Holosney, who runs the program on site at the walking track a couple of mornings a week, with the help of Susan McGhee. He’ll develop a personalized program for up to 15 participants at a time. So it’s a group experience, but everybody at their own pace, doing their individual exercises.

“I love doing it,” says Darlene Rolfe. “This is our fourth year.”
‘Us’ is her and her husband Robert, who come in from out of town most mornings to use the walking track and would be even without the HL Program. But they like working in a group.

“I like the social aspect,” says Darlene.

Holosney says the program is designed for adults with chronic conditions, and these can cover quite a bit of territory. It could be high blood pressure, diabetes, anxiety, obesity – you name it.

You get assessed at the start, get a program of exercises that’s supervised for the eight-week duration and are assessed at the end as well.

People see improvements in all those areas listed above, not to mention having more energy and less pain.
All that, plus a fun social experience.

“A lot more people should take it,” says Robert Rolfe. “Once you get started exercising, you go out a bit more.”

To find out more, or to register, call 1-877-349-5711.

Montaha Mouallem works the arm bike at the Thursday morning session of the Healthy Living Program.

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