High Prairie School Division sets priorities in three-year plan

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High Prairie School Division’s Board of Trustees adopted a three-year plan at its Nov. 21 meeting. Topics covered include such things as Engaged Governance, Inclusion, Learning Technology, Assessment, Numeracy and Literacy.

Taking the last of those first, the stated goal for the next three years is to “assess literacy benchmarks….and use…literacy principles to set and achieve improvement goals.”

Under ‘numeracy,’ the school division hopes to “administer standards with students in Grades 2 – 10.”

Under the ‘learning technology’ heading, HPSD says, “Schools will engage in year-long professional learning and ongoing critical reflection to improve technology integration.”

Board chair Tammy Henkel spoke about how the contents of the three-year plan were developed.

“We continue to use school and community planning sessions, survey data and interviews with students, staff, parents and community members to give us some excellent perspectives on what were are doing well and where we can improve,” she said. “Aggregated data is then incorporated into targeted strategies to facilitate student success and subsequently improve their achievement results.”

The board also has set priorities for the 2018/2019 year, as follows:

Quality learning – to ensure learning success for every student.

Quality teaching – to strive for a culture of excellence to ensure teaching and leadership success.

Quality relationships – with parents, local communities, local governments and provincial government ministries.

HPSD board chair Tammy Henkel

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